Tentang Acara Ini

To achieve the Indonesian government new target of 23% renewable energy mix (or 9%
specifically in geothermal) in Indonesia in 2025, PT Medco Power Indonesia support Indonesian
government by developing first geothermal project 110MW (34 MW for the 1st unit) in East Java at
Ijen area. This Geothermal power plant will be the first that use fully binary cycle power plant and
will connect to 150kv transmission system in region III or East Jawa & Bali. This will strengthen the
stability electricity in 150kV system directly and 500kv system indirectly. The net power output of
the plant is 30 MW which is the first unit and yearly average energy output will produce estimated
247 GWh.


Sesi Acara

08 November 2023, (15:30 - 17:30 WIB)
Anang Rabendraman Asnar, ST, IPM
(Electrical Engineer , Operation Excellence & Technical Services, PT Medco Power Indonesia, Alumni Teknik Fisika ITB)
Membawakan Materi
Binary Cycle Geothermal Power Plant